Technical base

Brilliant Sunny Beach Construction Company OOD has the necessary equipment to administer both projects with a high level of complexity, as well as regular renovation and maintenance activities. We have a well-maintained vehicle park and construction equipment that are being modernized and updated every month. The company has established long-term partnerships with specialized construction equipment rental companies, which empowers us to be highly competitive when running investment projects in the fields of road, industrial, and residential construction.

We have headquarters in the regions of Burgas, Ravda, Sveti Vlas, and Aheloy. They contribute to a substantial part of the construction activities in the area:


  • An office building with address: Ravda village, 1 Amfibia Str., near the LIDL roundabout
  • An office building in Sveti Vlas: 7 „Intsaraki“ villa zone, № 28 – with an open site for building materials and mechanization

Indoor and outdoor warehouses, stockrooms, and repair workshops:

  • A repair workshop, an indoor building materials warehouse, and a garage: Ravda village, 1 Amphibia Street, near the LIDL roundabout
  • A warehouse and a workshop for road signs and road sign stands manufacturing and repairing: Aheloy, „Gerena“ area
  • A 10-decare open-air inert materials warehouse and repair site: Aheloy, „Gerena“ area
  • Sites for concrete and asphalt manufacturing: Aheloy, „Gerena“ area
  • An indoor repair workshop warehouse and a reinforcement yard
  • A warehouse base, garage cells, and an open-air building materials and mechanization warehouse: Sveti Vlas, 7 „Intsaraki“ villa zone, № 28