About us

The company was founded in 2007 and registered at the Trade Register Office at the Registry Agency with UIC 147146949 with Address: Sveti Vlas, 22 Sv. Sv. Cyril and Methody street.

We have a vast and proven experience in conducting projects related to industrial and residential construction sites. We also have several successfully executed projects in the infrastructural niche – we have created numerous highways and roads of the first, second, and third class of the national road network. 

Throughout years of development, the company invests in building its own technical base and assembling a team of professionals. That’ how we granted ourselves the capacity to carry out various projects related to the design, construction, and maintenance of facilities and sites for urban, industrial, and manufacturing infrastructure such as:


– Constructing roads and facilities for the Municipal and Republic road network.
– Designing and building park gardens and their associated infrastructure.
– Renovating and repairing the urban street network, along with partially replacing or installing new water and sewerage systems, electricity networks, communications, etc.
– Ongoing rehabilitation and winter maintenance of roads to the Municipal and Republic road network.
– Constructing residential buildings, hotel complexes, office buildings, holiday villages, etc.
– Installing electrical systems for residential and public buildings. Implementing public lighting projects for streets and parks, as well as assembling the associated electrical installations and infrastructure.
– Realizing water construction projects related to water supply and sewerage facilities, forming and cleaning of river beds, ditch construction, and many others.
– Cleaning up unregulated dumpsites, transporting construction, household, and other types of waste.
– Building sports and entertainment facilities along with their associated infrastructure.

In the past years, Brilliant Sunny Beach managed to establish itself on the construction market as a reliable company with excellent capabilities. We’ve organized, conducted, and completed the creation of numerous high-rise construction facilities, transport and infrastructure construction sites, and water and sewerage designs. 

All of our construction and installation projects contracted with public and private partners are finished in time and are proven to match the quality requirements of the Investors fully.

Our branch in the Republic of Georgia

In 2019, Brilliant Sunny Beach OOD successfully completed a number of construction projects on the territory of the Republic of Georgia and established a local branch of the company that is operating in full power.

Certificates and Awards

Brilliant Sunny Beach has all the required licenses and permissions to carry out routine and specific construction activities.
The company has won multiple prestigious Bulgarian and international awards.