Brilliant Sunny Beach Construction Company

We have a vast and proven experience in conducting projects related to industrial and residential construction sites. We also have several successfully executed projects in the infrastructural niche – we have created numerous highways and roads of the first, second, and third class of the national road network.

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see some of our projects:

Construction of a new Court House in Slivnitsa, Bulgaria
Constructing and assembling a new Court House Slivnitsa in Land lot XXVI, quarter 8, according to the Regional Land use
Establishing an infrastructure for providing specialized health and social services for children with disabilities.
“Engineering Contractor Selection (Design, Construction, and Supervision)” under Project BG16RFOP001-5.001-0003 “Establishing an infrastructure for providing specialized health and social services
Road I-9 “Sunny Beach – Burgas” – constructing a second lane in the Pomorie – Aheloy roadway
Road I-9 “Sunny Beach – Burgas” – creating a second lane, from km 212+233.06 to km 217+000 in the Pomorie
Implementation of energy efficiency measures for a multi-family residential building.
In 2017, the company engaged in completing the “Implementation of energy efficiency measures for a multi-family residential building in Yambol,
“Integrated projects for ensuring a balanced urban environment”
Burgas city. Reconstruction of streets and refinement of interblock gaps in the „Meden Rudnik“ residential district of Burgas –  90
Multifunctional playground
Multifunctional sports ground with a protective netting in the „Sveti Vlas“ Hotel complex



The company has headquarters in the regions Burgas, Ravda, Sveti Vlas, and Aheloy. They contribute to a substantial part of the construction activities in the area:


  • An office building with address: Ravda village, 1 Amfibia Str., near the LIDL roundabout
  • An office building in Sveti Vlas: 7 „Intsaraki“ villa zone, № 28 – with an open site for building materials and mechanization

Indoor and outdoor warehouses, stockrooms, and repair workshops:

  • РA repair workshop, an indoor building materials warehouse, and a garage: Ravda village, 1 Amphibia Street, near the LIDL roundabout.
  • A warehouse and a workshop for road signs and road sign stands manufacturing and repairing: Aheloy, „Gerena“ area.
  • A 10-decare open-air inert materials warehouse and repair site: Aheloy, „Gerena“ area.
  • Sites for concrete and asphalt manufacturing: Aheloy, „Gerena“ area.
  • An indoor repair workshop warehouse and a reinforcement yard.
  • A warehouse base, garage cells, and an open-air building materials and mechanization warehouse: Sveti Vlas, 7 „Intsaraki“ villa zone, № 28

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